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“Adam Sellars trained my athletes to control their thoughts under pressure – and to have a winning attitude!” Chris Mooney, Coach, Australian Olympic Swim Team.


When you dive to depths of over 240 feet (70 metres) in the open Ocean, you need to have the skill of controlling your mind before and during your descent and to have strategies to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves. Adam Sellars, Director of ‘The Pressure Project’ is an Australian Freediving representative, qualified Freediving Instructor and one of the deepest divers in the world, and can hold his breath for up to 5:30 minutes.

Adam’s ‘Lessons from the Deep’ and the ability to focus your mind on what you need to achieve apply perfectly to business, corporate ventures, personal achievement and sporting teams everywhere.

Adam is a qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Meditation and Advanced Visualization and teaches these skills in competition and business. In a safe and controlled environment, Adam shares the skills and techniques used by freedivers to control the powerful messages sent from the brain that can often immobilize us.

Whether you are a small business or a corporate giant, Adam has the skills to get messages across to your audience in a powerful and humorous way. He has consulted and presented to companies corporations and Government and recent clients include Insurance Australia Group, Kawasaki, Pease International, Rare ID and the Australian Olympic Swimming Team.

What is pressure? Where does it come from? Why does it inhibit performance?

Many people use the term, ‘I’m under pressure’, or ‘the boss is putting pressure on me’, ‘My deadline has me under the gun’ without any understanding of what is physically and mentally happening inside their brains and bodies.

In his seminar, ‘Pressure – Lessons from the Deep’, Adam Sellars tackles these questions and breaks down what is happening to a person internally, why it’s happening, the consequences of typical responses and how to channel your mind when it’s under siege and to perform at peak levels in business, sport or environment.

Freediving takes place in an environment that is still uniquely wild and that places a great Physical Pressure on the human body. When you lose the ability to breathe but have learned how to control your responses it gives great insight into what we, as Humans, are capable of achieving and reveals strategies of how we can survive the daily mental pressures of life which prevent us from achieving our best.

The seminar and keynote address, Pressure – lessons from the Deep, is a unique, interactive, thought provoking, and inspirational journey that will challenge attendees to live a life by design, where they can control their thoughts, their emotions, and reactions to events around them and to become fully productive and to create an environment that is at peace. It is a science-based approach with a sporting flavor and draws on the solid teachings of Meditation to produce powerful business approaches and positive sporting attitudes in athletes.

“Adam Sellars course changed my life. The skills and techniques I now use help me achieve my best both in and out of the pool”.

– Taylor Mckeown – Olympic and Commonwealth medalist. (Swimming).


  1. How to deal with Pressure and stress in any environment in order to excel.
  2. What to do when we fall into the grips of Mental Illness or a negative loop.
  3. Why our Brains can throw our lives into Chaos.
  4. Techniques to Program our Brains. Design our life.
  5. The 3 Secrets that Top Athletes and High Achievers use to stay at the top of their field.
  6. Mindfulness Meditation
  7. How to hit your goals through Advanced Visualisation.

Coaching & Mentoring

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