Sunshine Coast

Fun Dive/ Depth Dive

Experience the thrill of exploring a stunning artificial reef while pushing your limits and developing your freediving skills in a safe and controlled environment at the HMAS Mooloolaba.

Line Dive & Fun Dive

Complete Day 2 Course

Sunshine Coast – Various Locations
3-4 hours
$0 (coming back to complete dive day)
Book here if you were unable to complete your dive day due to weather.

Reserve your spot here if your dive day got cancelled by weather conditions. Our experienced skipper will carefully select the optimal location along the Sunshine Coast, departing from Mooloolaba, ensuring the best conditions for your double dive session to fulfill the ocean component of your course.

Check out our FAQs for additional details.

Line Dive & Fun Dive

National Park EX HMAS

National Park EX HMAS Mooloolaba
3-4 hours
Every Sunday

$189 (Boat Fee to Explore the Wreck) – must be certified
$250 (Boat Fee, Fun Dive, Line Dive and Coaching)
$0 (coming back to complete dive day)

Book here if you were unable to complete your dive day due to weather.

Explore the HMAS Mooloolaba, a transformed 133m navy warship turned artificial reef, for an exhilarating freediving experience. Ideal for all skill levels, this unique site offers encounters with vibrant marine life, from schools of fish to graceful rays and occasional turtles.

Perfect for training, the calm waters and good visibility at the HMAS Mooloolaba provide a safe environment for honing freediving techniques. Navigate through the ship’s depths and obstacles, including tight spaces and multiple levels, to challenge your abilities.

Whether you’re completing a course or engaging in depth training, our experienced instructors are ready to guide you, fostering the skills and confidence needed to push your limits and explore the underwater world in a whole new way. From beginners to seasoned divers, learning to freedive at the HMAS Mooloolaba promises an unforgettable experience and lasting memories.

Check out our FAQs for additional details.

Line Dive & Fun Dive

Local Reefs

Nurse Rock or Caves
3-4 hours
Friday and Saturday (weather dependant)

$145 – $175 with shared trainer
250$ solo one on one trainer

Elevate your underwater exploration – pushing your depths to new extremes or refine your technique in a controlled environment.

Join us for a practical freediving excursion dedicated to honing your depth and technique. We’ll kick off the day by venturing just beyond the local reefs into the open blue. Once there, we’ll set up buoys (or bring your own) to tailor the trip to everyone’s experience levels as much as possible. If you’re in need of a trainer, we can arrange one for an additional cost.

On our way back, we’ll make a pit stop at one of the local reefs for some casual fun and exploration.

Check out our FAQs for additional details.

Fun Dive

Mudjimba Island

Mudjimba Island
3 hours
Friday & Saturday (weather & tides dependant)
Embark on an enjoyable dive adventure at Mudjimba Island and try your luck spotting the playful turtles

Embark on a brief boat ride just offshore and discover the enchanting Mudjimba Island. Abundant with sea turtles, this destination caters to both beginners and seasoned freedivers seeking a convenient getaway. The island offers excellent cover, creating a sheltered haven for exploration. Feel free to bring along an uncertified friend for a snorkeling adventure – they might just find themselves hooked and eager to become your certified dive buddy for future excursions.

Check out our FAQs for additional details.

Fun Dive

Flinders Reef

Flinders Reef near moreton island
6-7 hours
Friday and Saturday (weather & tide dependant)
Explore the diverse beauty of one of the Sunshine Coast’s vibrant reefs, featuring rugged caves teeming with life on one side and a pristine tropical reef system on the other.

Ideal for Level 1 and above divers with certification, this journey offers a scenic trip along the coastline to the peak of Moreton Island. Flinders Reef presents two stunning facets, and weather permitting, we aim to explore both. As a marine park (green zone), Flinders is brimming with vibrant marine life, including an abundance of fish, rays, turtles, and with luck, even sharks.

Check out our FAQs for additional details.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be advised the day prior what time to meet – usually from 7:30am.

Usually 3-4 hours in total. It is a double dive session.

Ocean double dive – Line diving for requirements – depth dive, rescue, focus on equalisation, diving technique and safety.

Medical – Yes, you will need to complete a medical form. Upon review, we may let you know you are required to also complete a valid 4005.1 AS Dive Medical prior to your course.

Most trips are snorkel and do not require a certification however, please check the details before you book. Participants must be 13 years +

All your dive gear – fins, wetsuit, snorkel, mask (if you did not hire), sunscreen, seasick tablets, water, light snacks, towel, dry clothes, hydrolyte.

Yes, we provide hire gear at $30 a day.

Yes, we highly recommend you take sea sickness tablets 30 minutes before departing land. As freedivers, we are looking down watching our divers from the surface so seasickness is very common and extremely unpleasant. It can also be dangerous as dehydration can occur. Please speak with your doctor if you require advice and have any concerns.

If we are unable to dive in the ocean, you are able to book on the next available (no charge).

No we do not provide refunds if you change your mind, however we do allow you to change dates, or put that amount towards your next day in the ocean or a retreat.

Sunshine Coast Dives – Local Reefs/ Flinder/ Mudjimba, we meet at Kawana Waters Hotel Address: 136 Point Cartwright Dr, Buddina QLD 4575

Mooloolaba – For dives to HMAS We meet back at Sunreef Mooloolaba, where we depart for the EX-HMAS Brisbane which is about 15 minutes out of the river and no more than 15m out from the Mooloolaba Spit.

Byron Bay – Boat Harbour, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483 – Wild Byron Safaris.

Gold Coast – We head out for our Double Freedive with OZDIVE which is a PADI 5-star Dive Centre located at Marina Mirage/Mariner’s Cove Berth 46-48, 70 SeaWorld Drive, Main Beach.

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