Unlock Your Full Potential on the Water

Take your mindset and lung capacity to the next level so you can get more out of your next surfing or diving adventure.


Breathworkshop for Surfers event 12th of January 2022

Breath Workshops

Meet Your Coach

Over the past five years, The Pressure Project Founder Adam Sellars has been on what could be described as a spiritual journey that has culminated in the colliding of two worlds that have shaped the person he is today.

As an athlete, Adam has always grappled with the pressure that is part and parcel of the sporting experience. But his personal life was not all sunshines and rainbows either. Just like you, he had to constantly struggle with the pressures of everyday life, which at one point even threatened to cripple and derail his life.

The misunderstood sport of freediving has opened his eyes to a new way of living and coping with the pressures and stresses of sporting, work, and everyday life, which he now wishes to share with teams, organisations, and individuals alike.

Today, Adam uses the principles of meditation, the power of breath and breath hold, and the ability to embrace and withstand the powerful messages from the brain which limit us to empower himself and others in his new path of helping people unlock their potential by breaking free of the shackles of pressure.