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Freediving Courses and Speaker
Freediving Courses

Whether you’re looking to start your freediving journey or just looking to learn the freediving principles you can use to get more out of life, we’ve got you covered.

Sunshine Coast Freediving Courses
Speaking & Coaching

Get expert mindset coaching straight from Adam or have him speak at your next event.

Sunshine Coast Freediving Courses
Breath Workshops

Take your mindset and lung capacity to the next level so you can get more out of your next surfing or diving adventure.

Sunshine Coast Freediving Courses

Feel more centered than you’ve ever been with our signature freediving and meditation retreats.

Become Unstoppable

When you dive to depths of over 240 feet (70 metres) in the open ocean, you need to not only be able to control your mind before and during your descent, but be prepared to overcome any obstacles that you may encounter along the way—which is the exact same skill set you need to succeed in your personal and professional life.

This is exactly what we teach here at The Pressure Project.

Featured Events & Workshops

Ready to get more out of life? Sign up for one of our upcoming workshops today!

Ribbon Reef Liveaboard Retreat

Can you imagine your self on a 4 days 4 nights freediving retreat aboard the 3 story live-aboard vessel Ocean Quest exploring the immaculate Ribbon Reefs?

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