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One Day Freediver Course

$ 299

This one day course will give you the skills and knowledge to safely increase your depth’s in Freediving and give you tools to also deal with life’s everyday worries.

Upcoming Dates

Sunshine Coast Date

2nd of April 2022

9th of April 2022

16th of April 2022

23rd of April 2022

30th April 2022


7th of May 2022

14th of May 2022

21st of May 2022

28th of May 2022


4th of June 2022

11th of June 2022

18th of June 2022

25th of June 2022

Gold Coast Dates

12th March 2022
26th March 2022

9th of April 2022

23rd of April 2022

7th of May 2022

4th of June 2022




Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia



NB: You don’t have to start with the one day basic. You can go straight to the 2 day course.

Course Details

The PADI ‘Freediver’ course is the entry level Freediving course for PADI and is designed to introduce you to the Freediving world in a fun, informative and safe way. There is a one day BASIC Freediver course which does not include the Ocean day, (you do not have to start at Basic level you can go straight to the two day Freediver course).
You will learn all about the physiology of Freediving, The Psychology of Freediving, Freediving safety, equipment for Freediving. Adam Sellars and his team of Freediving instructors share techniques from Freediving that will help with your mental strength, mental health and to assist you in dealing with stress and anxiety which is part and parcel of our current world.

Across the two day PADI Freediver course we will be working on your physical technique both in the Pool and in the Ocean to make sure you can get the maximum propulsion with the least amount of effort. We work on equalisation and the mental preparation it takes to calm the mind in preparation for your dive.

We also work on your Freediving Psychological technique. Mental preparation and visualisation is vital to make sure you can control your emotional state and your nervous system to leave the surface in the best mental state you can achieve. Something that can also be used in your everyday life.

We also run through Freediving Breathwork and mindfulness, giving you the skills to overcome fear or self-defeating thoughts in order to fully embody and enjoy your freediving experience.

You should take this PADI Freediving course if: You want to dive safer. You want to increase your Spearfishing abilities. For your overall health and vitality. To explore the world of breathwork, mindfulness, and calm living. Are wanting to explore the underwater world on your terms, quietly, to enjoy all the life that inhabits the wonderous big blue.

Requirements to register for the PADI Freediver course.

Be 12 years of age or older

Complete Medical form

Be able to swim 200m or 300m with mask, snorkel, fins

What is included in the PADI Freediver course:



Breath Workshop/Mindfulness

Confined water session.

Double Freedive in the ocean. (NOT FOR BASIC ONE DAY COURSE)

Photo package

Access to free pool training post course.

PADI Freediver performance requirements:

90 seconds Static breath hold.

25m Dynamic

10m constant weight Dive in the Ocean.

Buddying and rescue tecniques


Come and explore Freediving and yourself. The Freediver program will take you to new depths both in the Ocean and for your everyday life. Freediving is a Sport, a recreation but for many A WAY OF LIFE.

We used Adam for our National Kawasaki Dealers Conference for our keynote speaker. His presentation was informative, gave us real world strategies to deal with stress and anxiety, yet was also hilarious. We will definitely look to use Adam in the future.

Rob Merchant

General Manager. Kawasaki Australia

I worked with Adam and The Pressure Project, through one of the most turbulent times in my life. Freediving and the principles that come with diving deep on one breath has set me on a new course, one that will help me live a more present and peaceful life both through my cricketing career and beyond. Highly recommend Adam and his team.

Cameron Bancroft

Australian Cricketer

I contracted Adam to work with my swimmers. His input has helped many of my squad not only deal with the pressure that comes with being an elite athlete but also everyday life for young men and women in this stressful world.

Chris Mooney

Australian Dolphins Swim Coach

Adam Sellars’ course changed my life. The skills and techniques I now use help me achieve my best both in and out of the pool.

Taylor Mckeown

Olympic and Commonwealth Medalist (Swimming)