Papua New Guinea Surf Retreat

Surfing – Freediving – Breathwork – Meditation – Yoga

Surf uncrowded breaks, all levels, goofy or natural, with freediving techniques to push your limits.


Papua New Guinea

New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea

10 Days

$5500 (exl flights). Only 9 spots available.
To secure a spot a $500 non refundable deposit is required.

2024 Dates: 16-25th of October

Your experience

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Australian Freediving representative Adam Sellars and PNG Surfaris as we invite you to discover the untouched beauty of Papua New Guinea through our exclusive Surfing and Freediving Retreat.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of riding world-class waves and exploring pristine underwater realms in some of the most breathtaking surf and dive spots in the region. Our journey departs from Kavieng, guiding us to the captivating shores of New Ireland province, where excitement and adventure await at every turn.

Our expert guides closely monitor weather patterns and swells to ensure that you experience the best surfing conditions at the most optimal times, guaranteeing an exhilarating ride on the waves.

Enjoy complimentary workshops tailored to elevate your surfing performance and technique, including Freediving Techniques for Surfers, breathwork classes to enhance your breathing during surfing sessions, and rejuvenating yoga sessions. In addition to unparalleled surfing and diving opportunities, our retreat includes an array of pre-retreat benefits to deepen your connection with the ocean.

Immerse yourself in our shore excursions, where you’ll explore local villages, trek through lush rainforests, and bask in the serenity of secluded beaches.

With a comprehensive package that includes optional PADI Freediving courses suited to your level and guidance on waves and under them to enhance your experience in the ocean on and off your board, our PNG Surfer Retreat caters to surfers of all levels – from beginners seeking to catch their first wave to seasoned athletes eager to refine their skills and learn to embrace all that the ocean has to offer.

Relax and unwind in comfortable accommodations designed to provide the perfect sanctuary after a day of exploration. Delight your taste buds with delectable meals crafted by our talented chefs, and revel in the camaraderie of fellow adventurers as you share stories under the starlit sky.

If you crave a truly transformative adventure that seamlessly blends the thrill of surfing with the serenity of freediving in a pristine natural setting, then join us for our Surfer Retreat by Freedivers in Papua New Guinea. Prepare to embark on a journey that will ignite your passion for the ocean and leave you with cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Package includes:

10 days, 9 nights on board on PNG Explorer.

Meals and Snacks included by a professional Chef.

Tea and Coffee on board and fresh filtered water.

Toilets, hot showers, air conditioned lounge and sleeping areas.

Housekeeping and Laundry service. clean towels and fresh linen.

Free use of snorkelling equipment, kayaks, SUPS, and fishing gear.

Introduction for Freediving Online course, pre-retreat.

Daily breathwork, yoga and/or meditation

PNG cultural experience with the locals.

Fishing and Spearfishing

Freediving Techniques for Surfers Workshops

Optional PADI Freediving Course to your level

Beers while watching the sun set over the ocean.


We start at Kavieng then set sail for New Ireland province where the bulk of adventure’s will be.

10 days, 9 nights on board on PNG Explorer.

Day 1 – (1 night) – October 16th

Guests organise their travel to arrive in KAVIENG in the afternoon.
Transfers from the airport to PNG Explorer are included
Arrive at the boat, settle in, and we sail off that evening!

Day 2 – 9 (8 nights) – Oct 17th -24th

We follow the swell! We are the only liveaboard in PNG – from surfing the less crowded breaks, to snorkelling the reefs, visiting the islands and watching the sun go down with beers – we take each day as it comes based on the weather and our locals’ expert advice.

On the last night, we come back to KAVIENG port in the late afternoon/ evening, and spend our final night in the port.

Day 10 – October 25th

Wake at KAVIENG port
Transfers from the PNG explorer to airport
Depart on your personal booked flights

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please read the brochure on how to apply for this.

Numerous carriers have regular flights into Port Moresby (POM), including QANTAS, Virgin, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Philippines Airlines and PNG’s own Air Niugini. Our local airport is Kavieng (KVG) in New Ireland Province. PNG domestic flights from Port Moresby to Kavieng can be booked directly with Air Niugini. Important note: The domestic terminal is usually very busy, and the domestic check-in process can be slow.

Baggage allowances for Air Niugini international with connecting domestic flights:

  • 23 kg check in
  • 7 kg carry on
  • 10 kg for sporting goods (surfboards/fishing equipment) or
  • 15 kg for specifically diving gear

Most of the Air Niugini fleet can accommodate board lengths of up to 2.7m

Please try to arrive in Kavieng in the afternoon (the connecting flight from Port Moresby to Kavieng will land late in the afternoon, we will pick you up and take you to the boat)

For flight departure, we suggest you book the first flight out on your day of departure (usually 6:30am). We will arrive at the port the afternoon/ evening prior, and will take you to the airport first thing in the morning for your flight.

No. We will facilitate your pick and drop off at Kavieng Airport.

A. All international airlines will provide you with up to date information relating to your travel into Port Moresby, once you make your travel arrangements. At a minimum, you will require: Normal Travel Documents (Passport with minimum 6 months remaining and a valid visa);

  • Accommodation
  • All meals and snacks prepared by our professional chef using fresh local ingredients
  • Airport pick up/ drop off
  • Fresh water, tea, coffee and juices.
  • Flights
  • Beers, soft drinks and wine (charged at local prices)
  • Professional photo package (ask on-board for rates)
  • Internet access – VSAT (satellite) Wifi access for AUD $150 for the 9-night charter or casual use at AUD $30 per day.

Yes, we encourage guests to go and meet the locals and see how they live, school and work. It’s a fantastic insight into this amazing Melanesian lifestyle and culture. The locals are very hospitable to guests and are more than happy to share stories. Equally, they are as interested in your life, so if you’re open to it, be prepared to talk about yourself!

It’s a nice gesture to bring things for the locals on the islands that we visit. We always recommend books for the schools, guests often bring up preloved clothing, which is always appreciated.

Undesirable incidents happen in every country and PNG is no different. In PNG, most of these incidents occur in the major populated centres of Port Moresby, Lae and the Highlands. Kavieng is situated in the Islands Region of PNG, which is regarded as a relatively safe destination. As with travel to any foreign country, you need to apply common sense. Be mindful of your belongings and note that it’s best not to walk around alone. Tourist related crime is mostly often petty theft. While it’s important to be on your guard and respect the local culture, don’t be afraid to have a chat, a laugh and be friendly with locals

The tropical climate is hot and humid, with an average air and water temperature between 27-30o C. December to March is the wet season, although there is rainfall year-round. Equatorial sun can be intense, especially in the water, even if it’s overcast. Prepare to cover up and wear plenty of sun protection (including your eyes). Hydration is key, so always remember to drink plenty of water.

Yes. PNG Explorer has VSAT (satellite) internet and phone. The boat’s contact numbers are: PNG Explorer 1: 07 3073 8786. PNG Explorer 2: 07 3073 8787

Yes. We provide access to our satellite internet connection for AUD $30 per day or $150 access throughout the trip. Please note, whist the internet connection is ideal for FaceTime, social media or checking emails, it is not designed for downloading videos or streaming.

We recommend you bring 2 boards, 3 at most. You could expect waves to be on average 2-4 feet, with bigger days from 4-6+ feet.

There are plenty of options from a first day beginner to the seasoned, barrel chasing pro. There are some really fun, soft wave options to enjoy.

If you’re chasing ‘Mavericks’ style waves; then PNG is not your recommended choice of surf destination. However, the ‘slab’ on bigger days can see 4-6 feet. Bare in mind that when it’s REALLY BIG you are a long way from home and surfing over coral reef. Therefore, we recommend that you always surf within your limits and improve! There is nothing better than coming home surfing better than when you left.

We offer fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and use of the SUP free of charge. There are plenty of opportunities for island tours and excursions such as the WWII tour, drift snorkels, beach BBQ, river trips and the ‘betel-nut run’. These are at no extra charge to guests