Amed Bali Freediving Retreat


Deep, blue, clear, calm waters is what awaits you in Amed Bali.

Amed Bali Freediving Retreat

Amed Bali

Amed, Bali Indonesia

7 Days

$1299 standard
To secure a spot a $500 non refundable deposit is required.

2024 Dates: May 16th-22nd (depart 23rd), November 2nd-8th (depart 9th)

Escape to the blue: a preview of our upcoming retreat

Your experience

Escape to a tranquil world of deep, clear, and calm waters in Amed, Bali. Nestled 3 hours north-east of Denpasar lies a secluded paradise that invites you to unwind and explore the wonders of freediving. Here, the deep blue sea is only a short kick off the beach, waiting to greet you with its secrets.

Join Australian Freediving representative Adam Sellars and his expert team of instructors for an unforgettable 7-day retreat, perfect for surfers, freedivers, spearfishing enthusiasts, and those eager to learn.

The package includes PADI Freediver certification and materials, fees for diving and freediving ocean setup, freediving weights, daily meditation and yoga, daily freediving sessions, as well as access to world-class freediving and yoga facilities.

Apneista, with its brand new facility, will be your home during the retreat. You’ll enjoy the sweeping views of Amed and Mount Agung while learning the art of mindfulness meditation and advanced visualisation techniques for freediving. The location provides access to three wrecks, including the US Liberty Wreck at Tulamben, all accessible from shore and offering great freediving for all levels.

In addition to world-class freediving, Bali Amed offers visitors a unique cultural experience, with traditional Balinese villages and temples to explore, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes serving delicious local cuisine.

Our aim is to offer you a life-changing experience based on self-exploration and learning new skills for fun and for life. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this truly amazing location and take the first step towards becoming a certified freediver.

Package includes:

PADI Freediver certification and materials

Fees for diving and freediving ocean set up

Freediving weights

Meditation & yoga

Daily freediving sessions

Freediving instructors (ratio 4:1)

Wreck dives

Access to world class freediving and yoga location


Day 1
  • 830am – Welcome, Intro, and orientation.
  • Theory for your level/Line dive if not completing a course
  • Lunch
  • Breath workshop
  • Pool session in groups
  • Dinner at Blue Earth Village
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali
Day 2
  • Workshop. Adam Lessons from the deep.
  • Line Diving in Jemeluk Bay
  • Lunch/Freetime. (Usually nap needed)
  • Workshop/Meditation
  • Close
  • Yoga
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali
Day 3
  • Workshop
  • Line Diving in Jemeluk Bay
  • Lunch/Freetime.
  • Stretching and routine for Freediving/ Line Diving.
  • Close
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali
Day 4
  • Workshop
  • US Liberty wreck dive.
  • Lunch/Freetime.
  • Close
  • Light Yoga/meditation Elle
  • Night dive (often Bioluminescence seen)
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali
Day 5
  • Workshop. Freediving for everyday life
  • Line Diving Jemeluk Bay/Option to Dive Japanese wreck
  • Lunch/Freetime
  • Line Diving instructors/ Japanese Wreck for other
  • Games night
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali
Day 6
  • REST DAY- There are 4 wrecks to explore, plus a water temple near by up in the mountains or just simply get ready for final day.
    Master and Instructor we may have to do some additional light work on this day :).
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali
Day 7
  • Line Diving Jemeluk Bay/Option to Dive Japanese wreck
  • Lunch/Freetime
  • Closing of Retreat, Prize Giving
  • After Party
Freediving Retreat in Amed, Bali

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer all levels in Bali from beginner to instructor.

The first day begins at 8:30am at Blue Earth Village, we suggest arriving at least 1 – 2 days prior to the retreat.

No, please reach out and we can provide accommodation and transfer suggestions.

All diving gear that you have. Cool comfortable clothes, your own travel towel for the ocean, medication and vitamins (hydrolyte and magnesium) sunscreen, hat, toiletries, change money when you get there (you can ask driver to stop at the best spot) the currency is usually around 10-1 (varies with time) so 100k IRP is $10 AUD.

Something light like 2.5mm or ½ a top and lycra pants for protection from the sun and itchies!

Yes, you can hire all the gear you need from the dive shop

No, we have them in the dive shop for you

Always check the latest travel advice, but at the moment yes, have it saved on your phone or printed out. You will also need to download the Indonesian declaration, fill it out and save QR code. It is your responsibility to check all regulations for your travel to Indonesia and ensure you comply.

Yes, as any overseas trip you will require your own personal travel insurance.

Yoga designed for Freediving to aid flexibility that is accessible for all levels of yoga from beginner to advanced.

No, there is wifi at most places, however it is very simple to get a sim card at the airport for relatively cheap – I would recommend it! Whatsapp is what most people use to communicate over there.

Accommodation options we recommend that are close – Sama Sama, Bamboo Bali hill, Bamboo Bali, Amed Cafe, Divers Cafe.

We have a driver who can give you transport at a reasonable price on Whatsapp.

Scooter hire is available, please also hire a helmet. Amed is a quiet town that is reasonably safe to scooter around slowly and it’s an easy and convenient way to get from from hotel to the dive centre. We will hire cars for longer trips.