Zoom Freediving Course

First of it’s kind!! PADI Freediver course run by Adam Sellars covering all the Theory from the first day of the course as well as the Breathworkshop. This will form part of the full two day course but will give you the interim skills to be able to practice whilst we are in lock down.

The PADI touch will be sent out before doing the Practical side of the course if you wish to do the full course when we can dive.

When is the course?
Friday the 1st of May. 8:45am till 2pm. 1 hour lunch break in between.

How do I book?
Book online using the following link:

After booking you will receive the details of the Zoom call.


Located at Mount Gambia in South Australia lies some of the best Freediving conditions on earth. Naturally formed sink holes in the middle of the outback are the perfect setting for year round calm conditions. Not to mention large ponds networks in the surrounds which are truly a magical experience. Also on offer is meditation coaching so that you too can practice an ancient practice that is truly life changing. For further details email info@localhost

October 2018