Ribbon Reef Freediving Meditation Yoga Retreat.

Can you imagine your self on a 4 days 4 nights freediving retreat aboard the 3 story live-aboard vessel Ocean Quest exploring the immaculate Ribbon Reefs? 
The Ribbons lie on the Great Barrier Reef and is made out of 10 individual reef systems that stretch over 120km located in far North Queensland. This stunning area is home to an impressive biodiversity and is one of Sir David Attenborough’s favourite places in this world. 
Imagine your self waking up on the ocean with gorgeous surroundings learning new skills, reaching new depths and swimming amongst 1625 different species of fish. When we’re not diving we might be doing some yoga/breath work or simply relaxing on one of 2 sundecks aboard Ocean Quest. To top it all off there is an in house chef cooking up delicious meals for in between line diving and exploring. 
There is even the option to do your freediver, Advanced Freediver or Master Freediver on this trip! Looking at the last week of October for this truly wild and exclusive trip which will be the first of its kind.

Dive trip no certification: $2999

Dive trip and Freediving course attached: $3299

Photo credit: @divers_den