Freediving – Town of 1770 Agnes Water

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Town of 1770 Agnes Water – Freediving

Embark on an extraordinary journey to explore the untouched and pristine Bunker Group in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. With Dive Spear and Sport @ 1770, you’ll explore the untouched reef that lies between Lady Musgrave Island in the South and Heron Island in the North, offering some of the most pristine reefs in the entire Great Barrier Reef system. With its remarkable biodiversity, stunning underwater landscapes, and easy access from the charming town of 1770, you’ll witness awe-inspiring moments encountering magnificent creatures like Humpback Whales, Manta Rays, and sea turtles in their natural habitats.

Ruin all future freediving for yourself as you bear witness to magical encounters and take in the vibrant colours of some of the most spectacular reefs. In the slightly cooler waters of the Southern GBR, you’ll discover unique coral species, located in the Southern regions. The Southern GBR is truly unique in every way, and you’re invited to come see why! Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the true essence of Queensland, uncovering local secrets and experiencing the tranquillity of the reef and national parks that will create cherished memories, making you feel like a true insider.

Upcoming PADI Freediver courses:

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Day One: We meet at Dive Spear and Sport’s new state-of-the-art centre, located centrally in Agnes Water / Town of 1770, where you will relax on the beanbags and couches of our custom built briefing room for some freediving theory and breathwork to start the day. After a short break, we will kit you out with your freediving gear for the course before jumping into our brand new on-site pool to learn the skills you require for freediving to prepare you for Day 2.
Get comfortable with your skills, prepare your gear for day two and relax on site or around town ready for day 2.
Note: We will confirm the departure times and plans for Day 2 based on the tides.

Day 2: We will meet at the centre and collect our gear before heading down to 1770 Marina to board our brand new custom built vessel and jet out at a comfortable 30 knots out to the reef. Approximately 90 minutes to travel out to the reef (depending on the reef of choice and conditions on the day), enjoy a stunning journey out before approaching the UNESCO world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy your dive sessions under the guidance of your experienced instructor, and an onboard lunch before heading back to the town of 1770 for some sunset drinks to celebrate your brand new freediving certification!

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